PreK Program

This class is for children with one year left before entering Kindergarten.

Monday 11:45-2:15

Tuesday 11:45-2:15

Wednesday 11:45-2:15

Thursday 11:45-2:15


Typical skills this class works towards;

  • Recognizing full name
  • know names of all family members in the home
  • Understanding emergency procedures; What to do in case of fire, getting lost, stranger danger, tornados, etc.
  • Responding to a variety of questions
  • Recognizing entire Alphabet, upper and lowercase (out of order)
  • Recognizing numbers 0-20, (out of order)
  • Counting beyond 10, the end of the year goal is 100
  • Sequencing
  • Patterns
  • Appropriate use of school materials
  • Appropriate social behaviors
  • Self Care (i.e. washing hands, using restroom, dressing self, opening packages)
  • Comprehension when listening to stories
  • Identifying 2D and 3D shapes
  • Locating city and state on a map
  • Basic understandings of Geography
  • Writing name
  • Habitats
  • Living and non-living things
  • Completing Puzzles
  • Understanding basic health concepts ( i.e. healthy eating, brushing teeth, etc)
  • Beginning calendar concepts
  • Working on problem-solving basic problems and asking for help with more difficult problems
  • Healthy detachment from adults at drop off time
  • Sorting objects by color, shape, and size
  • initiating conversations with peers
  • enjoying a variety of experiences
  • expanding play behaviors to more in-depth play and imagination
  • enjoying games and displaying appropriate social behaviors in winning and losing
  • Following multi-step instructions
  • Enjoying a variety of sensory experiences
  • Cleaning up after self
  • The retelling of familiar stories
  • Throwing and Catching
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