Peach Fuzz

We are closed for Spring Break March 29th and 30th.

Needs List through April:


Paper Towels ( one roll from your stock at home is good for us!

Jelly Beans


Construction paper

Small cheap plain paper plates ( for Crafting)

Printer Paper

Large Box

Disposable Cups

Pom Poms

Fresh Pineapple (uncut)

White Cardstock

Masking Tape

Dried Black Beans

Flower and Veggies Seed Packets

TP Rolls

This year’s Closed Dates;

Spring Break – March 29th and 30th CLOSED

Graduation for kids going to Kindergarten is Wednesday, May 24th, 11:45-2:15 @ Pointe Park, more information and invitations to come. Save the date!

Last Day of School – May 25th

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