Parent News

Thursday September 29th/30th we will be taking a class photo at the beginning of each class. We will share this photo with you, so that you my download and print for a keepsake.

Chocolate pudding
Graham cracker mini pie crusts
fake rocks


November 24th-26th- CLOSED

December 22nd- W/F class Christmas Party

December 23rd- M,T,TH and M-TH class Christmas Party

December 24th-CLOSED

December 27th- CLOSED

December 31st- CLOSED

January 17th- CLOSED

February 21st- CLOSED

March- Spring Break- TBD

May 27th – Last Day of School

Scholastic order code


When you order using the above code, our classroom earns free books.

Each Child should have a back pack, with an extra set of clothes. Please have your child bring a water bottle to school daily.

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